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 Visiting Information

  1. xhibition hall opening time:08:30-17:00(Closed on Chinese New Year's Eve and after announcement of temporary closure)
  2. Interpreters serve visitors in the Visitor Center every day, providing guide and advisory services and multi-media shows.
  3. Booking a guided tour: Please book at least seven days in advance by phone or through the Internet. Groups must number 15 to 40 and be from non-profit organizations (bookings not accepted from profit making units like travel agents and local tour companies). Telephone number for booking::(082)313191 or 313192
  4. Café services: sale of coffee and drinks, waffles, national park souvenirs and other souvenirs.
  5. People intending to visit Kinmen should book a plane ticket in advance. In spring Kinmen is frequently shrouded by fog that affects flights and visitors should take this into account when planning a trip.
  6. Kinmen is very cold in winter and visitors should bring warm clothing. In spring and autumn the morning and evening temperature is significantly lower than the daytime temperature and visitors need to pay attention to keeping warm when engaging in night time activities.
  7. Kinmen has many mine fields. Visitors are requested to stay out of restricted areas for their own safety. Most coastal areas are still restricted military areas 9、that visitors should not enter.
  8. The houses in traditional settlements are people's homes. Visitors are requested to respect the local residents when visiting.
  9. Kinmen is a bird lover's paradise. Visitors are requested to respect wild animals and avoid damaging the natural habitat when bird watching.
  10. Central Weather Bureau, R.O.C.

Google Map

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Jinning Township
Zhongshanlin Visitor Center
Google Map Zhongshanlin Visitor Center(VR
TEL: 886-82-313191
Chiang Ching-Kuo Memorial Hal
Google Map Chiang Ching-Kuo Memorial Hall
TEL: 886-82-313090
General Hu Lian Memorial Hall
Google Map General Hu Lian Memorial Hall
TEL: 886-82-313238
Ci Lake Ecological Station
Google Map Ci Lake Ecological Station
Rushan Visitor Center
Google Map Rushan Visitor Center
TEL: 886-82-313197
Guningtou Battle Museum
Google Map Guningtou Battle
TEL: 886-82-313274
Bicycle Story House
Google Map Bicycle Story House
TEL: 886-82-313250
Ci Triangle Fort Jincheng Township
Google Map Ci Triangle Fort
Jincheng Township
Shuangli Wetlands Nature Center
Google Map Shuangli Wetlands Nature Center(VR
TEL: 886-82-313271
Jinshui Elementary School Exhibition Hal
Google Map Jinshui Elementary School Exhibition Hall(VR
TEL: 886-82-313128
Overseas Chinese Culture Exhibition Hall
Google Map Overseas Chinese Culture Exhibition Hall
TEL: 886-82-313281
Zhaishan Tunnel
Google Map Zhaishan Tunnel
TEL: 886-82-313241
Deyue Tower (Exhibition Hall)
Google Map Deyue Tower (Exhibition Hall)
TEL: 886-82-375458
Gugang Tower
Google Map Gugang Tower
TEL: 886-82-313242
Jinsha Township
Shanhou Marriage Custom Exhibition Hall
Google Map Shanhou Marriage Custom Exhibition Hall
TEL: 886-82-355347
Mashan Observation Post
Google Map Mashan Observation Post
Jinhu Township
August 23rd Artillery Battle Museum
Google Map August 23rd Artillery Battle Museum(VR
TEL: 886-82-330599
Qionglin Civil Defence Exhibition Hall
Google Map Qionglin Civil Defence Exhibition Hall
TEL: 886-82-337833
Kinmen Guest Hotel
Google Map Kinmen Guest Hotel
TEL: 886-82-336576
Mr.Yu Da-wei Memorial Hall
Google Map Mr.Yu Da-wei Memorial Hall
TEL: 886-82-330599
Military Brothel Exhibition Hall
Google Map Military Brothel Exhibition Hall
TEL: 886-82-337839
Taiwu Mt. Cultural Center
Google Map Taiwu Mt. Cultural Center
Lieyu Township
Lieyu Visitor Center
Google Map Lieyu Visitor Center(VR
TEL: 886-82-364405
Hujingtou Battle Museum
Google Map Hujingtou Battle Museum
TEL: 886-82-364403
Jiugong Tunnel
Google Map Jiugong Tunnel
TEL: 886-82-364405



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