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 Geographic environment

 Natural Sculpture

Natural Sculpture
Plate tectonics from 130 million years ago
formed the hard base rock of granite gneiss in Kinmen.
The power of Nature created the distinct basalt landform in Lieyu 13 million years ago 
and gave various faces to Maokong rock

Along mountain roads and coastline
many special stones come to the eyes
Despite their size
the stone presents a factual record 
of Kinmen’s geological changes in sinew and story


Kinmen is north to the Tropic of Cancer at the east longitude 118°17’ to 28’ and north latitude 24°24’ to 32’, which is roughly on the same altitude as Taichung.


The 12 islands and islets comprising Kinmen mainland, Lieyu (small Kinmen), Da Dan, Er Dan, Dong Ding, Beiding, Cao islet, Hou islet, Jiangong islet, Fuxing islet, Menghu islet, Shi islet occupy an area of 150 square meters in total.


Kinmen has five townships: Jingchen, Jinghu, Jingsha, Jingning and Lieyu. Surrounded by the sea, Kinmen has many terraces and hills. The tallest mountain is the 253-meter Taiwu Mountain and the terrain slopes gently downward from the east to the west. Most terraces are flat and covered with red soil. The white quartz beach and granite gneiss steep cliff make up the coast shore. Maokong rock is a unique natural product in Kinmen.


KinmenDue to the plate tectonic movement, Kinmen has many special geographical landscapes and is rich in mineral resources, including gneiss, quartz schist, amphibolite, migmatite, granite and lamprophyre. The formation of the granite intruded by the diabase is a peculiar landform in Kinmen.

 Climate and Rivers

The four seasons are distinct in Kinmen. The temperature difference of the raining season in summer and winter is huge. Although the southwest monsoon and typhoon often brings heavy rains in the hot summer, the evaporation is so quickly that water shortages or even droughts occurs often. Winter is cold and has less rain. The average yearly temperature is 20.9℃. August is the hottest month while January is the coldest month. The raining season starts from April to September. The main rivers in Kinmen are Wu Jiang stream, Jin Sha stream, Qian Pu stream, Taihu and Cihu.

Geographical environment

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