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Published Date:2017-03-29

Kinmen National Park Welcomes All to "Rushan Visitor Center" Opening Ceremony on March 31, 2017

Kinmen National Park Headquarters Director Hsieh Wei-Song states that the Rushan Visitor Center was built in 2003 and serves as an exhibition hall for environmental education. 14 years after its inauguration, many of the equipment have become old and were upgraded last year (2016).

The renovated exhibition hall retains the original environmental education display on the second floor, and a new dynamic Kinmen plant resources display has been created on the first floor. The first part is an introduction to the environment and the evolution of vegetation in Kinmen. The second part is an introduction to the diverse types of plants, including coastal plants, aquatic plants, granite gneiss vegetation, native trees, lowland plain vegetation, field crops, and insectivorous plants. The third part is an introduction to the artificially-cultivated plants of Kinmen, including forest plantations, street trees, and plants for military defense. The forth part is an interactive display that lets visitors guess the uses of Kinmen's traditional plants. The fifth part is designed as a central interactive experience area where visitors can learn about the environment where the plants are grown, and the blossoming and dissemination methods. The interactive display subtly gives visitors a sense of appreciation and love for the colorful world which nature offers us. There is also an audiovisual room which plays films depicting the beauty of the four seasons in Kinmen for all to admire. We hope the opening of Rushan Visitor Center will attract more visitors and benefit the development of Kinmen tourism-related industries as well as the travel and tourism economy.
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