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Published Date:2017-08-31

2017 bike eco-slow bike ride event at Shangri-La's Kinmen National Park, open enrollment beginning September 6, at 9 o'clock in the morning, welcoming people to participate

To promote the physical and mental health and energy saving people love the earth's carbon reduction, Kinmen National Park Administration since 100 years, last year in November for a bike around the island eco tourism activities, tourists get praise and support, is expected in November 11th this year activities for the theme of "2017 Shangri-La bicycle" continued over the years that the spindle Kinmen friendly cycling environment, not racing, no time to let participants can travel to Kinmen beautiful natural environment, rich cultural heritage deep experience of Kinmen and ecological beauty.
This route in addition to A, B two group of routes, special planning to increase the group A+B line, I hope you ride a little too long, slow, hard riding activities, routes A, B two lines, is the starting point of Kinmen National Park in the mountain bike story of A line the whole mining counterclockwise around the big gate the B line is West Island, peninsula and Lieyu Island, A, B two lines are in the mountains for end point station.

A+B route for the follow A group cycling route, two ride to the West Sea (former head Village intersection), the right to take traffic to small boat pier head Kim, along the lines of B (xiaojinmen Island) round, return from nine pier boat back to the Kinmen, the former head of Jinmen City, to continue to Gu Gang forward, finally in the mountain bike reentry story, the route is about 100 kilometers, to want to challenge yourself and think at the same time a complete size around the island of Kinmen dream car, this is a rare opportunity, do not miss.

The route from the B line, in the mountains of the village were then to Kingsland, Kuningtou the northwest corner of the advance, and then transferred to the pier head boat circling the small island of Kinmen crossing the line with group leader, in riders need to pay the ship, Kinmen County from Kinmen can brush transportation card, non Kinmen County Ji single boat capital 60 yuan (can brush travel card, Taiwan card or tickets).

Kinmen National Park Administration expressed the hope that by for low carbon leisure activities, reduce the impact of recreation on ecological environment of tourism, motor vehicle pollution and high expect to have more visitors to exhaust and noise, switching to low carbon bike visit Kinmen, to enjoy the beauty of Kinmen unique geographical and cultural history at the same time. Together with action cherish the ecological environment of jinmen.

Participate in the activities of the object is 13 years old (born 93 years before November 12th) more than people, children under the age of 18 must have parental consent form or personally accompany riding for power, limit 600 people (A line 500 "50 people" with A+B B, line 100), according to the order of admission application, the amount of date. The event will be dedicated to the production of a dedicated vehicle to participate in the activities of the riders, we welcome everyone to sign up for.

From the morning of September 6th 9 to September 10th open enrollment (at least so far), the registration fee of 300 yuan per person (transfer fee borne) registration, registration and registration by the Internet fax (A+B group will be the Internet Registration), welcome interested participants to register early, details please on Kinmen National Park Management Office http://www.kmnp.gov.tw website, fax, please sign up to Kinmen National Park website to download the application form, complete the form and fax it to (082) 375429, and please call the Kinmen National Park Bicycle Museum (082) 313250 confirmation. All applicants are required to complete the registration within 3 days to pay 300 yuan at the beginning of the registration fee (made in the qualification can pay cash or by postal remittance / bank ATM way of transfer activity fee remittance to the event organizer, account name: activities KHS bicycle Limited by Share Ltd, bank: the Bank of Southern China Park Branch (code 008) account, 262-10-006799-8.
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