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Published Date:2017-08-31

Registration for 2017 Bicycle Shangri-La - Kinmen National Park Bicycle Eco-Tour Activity Starts 9am, September 5

In order to promote the health of our citizens and care for the Earth via carbon emissions reduction and energy conservation, the Kinmen National Park Headquarters has held the widely-acclaimed annual bicycle eco-tour activity around the island every November since 2011. This year the event will be held on November 11 under the theme "2017 Bicycle Shangri-La". In line with the emphasis of its previous years, the event is an opportunity for participants to experience the cyclist-friendly environment of Kinmen. This is not a speed challenge, and it is not timed. The purpose is to allow participants to stroll in the beautiful natural environment of Kinmen, and experience the island's rich cultural heritage and ecosystem.
This year, in addition to Route A and Route B, there will be a Route A+B, which allows for a longer ride, so that participants can slow down and focus on the journey. Routes A and B will both start from Kinmen National Park's Zhongshanlin Bicycle Story House and end at Zhongshanlin Visitor Center: Route A circles the main island in the counterclockwise direction, while Route B circles the western half of the main island as well as Lieyu.
Participants of Route A+B will follow Route A until Section 2 of Xihai Road (at the intersection near Qianshuitou Village), turn right to take a ferry to Lieyu from Shuitou Pier, follow Route B (cycle around Lieyu), take the return ferry from Jiugong Pier to the main island, pass before Qianshuitou towards Kinmen Cheng and Gugang, and finally return to Zhongshanlin Bicycle Story House. The full journey is about 100 kilometers, a rare opportunity for cyclists who would like the challenge of cycling around the main island and Lieyu.
Participants of Route B will start from Zhongshanlin, pass by Qionglin Village, head towards Guningtou, then take the ferry from Shuitou Pier towards Lieyu. The route is completed in groups, and cyclists shall pay for their own ferry tickets; Kinmen County residents may swipe their Kinmen Transportation Cards, while non-Kinmen residents shall pay the NT $60 one-way ferry ticket (by EasyCard, Taiwan Easy Go Card, or purchase a ticket at the gate).
Kinmen National Park Headquarters hopes that the low-carbon recreational activity will reduce the environmental impact on the eco-tourism sites, and that there will be more tourists willing to choose bicycles instead of motor vehicles, which discharge emissions and create noise pollution. In this way, tourists can care for the ecosystem of Kinmen while enjoying its unique geographical beauty and cultural heritage.
Participants must be at least 13 years old (born before November 12, 2004); children below the age of 18 will require signed parental agreement or be accompanied by parents. The total number of participants is limited to 600 people: 500 in Route A (including Group Route A+B), and 100 in Route B. Registration is on a first come, first served basis, until the limit is reached. We welcome everyone to sign up. All participants will receive an exclusive souvenir cyclist's jersey.
Registration is open from 9am, September 5 to September 10 (until the limit is reached). The registration fee is NT $300 per person (with additional banking fees to be borne by the participant). Please sign up online or by fax (Group A+B must sign up online). For more information please go to the Kinmen National Park Headquarters website http://www.kmnp.gov.tw. Fax registrations require a filled out registration form, downloaded from the Kinmen National Park website, to be faxed to (082)375429. Please call to confirm with the Kinmen National Park Bicycle Story House (082)313250. All participants must complete the NT $300 registration payment within 3 days to be eligible for the event (cash payment, postal money order, or ATM transfer to the hosting organization's dedicated activity account are allowed→ Account Name: KHS Bicycles Co., Ltd. (功學社單車股份有限公司), Bank: Hua Nan Bank Dayuan Branch (Code: 008), Account Number: 262-10-006799-8.
Online registration link (Sign up for Route A, Route B online or by fax, but registration for Route A+B is limited to online only)
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