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Published Date:2017-12-18

KMNP Organizes 2017 Kinmen Tunnel Music Festival from December 16 to 17 — Beautiful String Music Echoing through the Tunnel!

Organized by the Kinmen National Park Administration (KMNP), the Kinmen Tunnel Music Festival entered its 9th year this year, and has successfully attracted many music fans, who have specially made the trip to Kinmen to enjoy the music festival at this historic battlefield. Although the Music Festival was postponed to December this year, fans still displayed strong enthusiasm. The 2017 Kinmen Tunnel Music Festival was held at Zhaishan Tunnel from December 16 to 17. There were a total of 7 performances spread over 2 days, with about 200 audiences attending each performance. A total of approximately 1400 audiences attended the festival. Close to 700 participants had come from Taiwan or other countries to attend the festival.
Different performance pieces were planned for the two different days of the 2017 Kinmen Tunnel Music Festival to provide audiences with more choices. The first day (December 16) included the “Beijing Opera vs. String Quartet” program, which featured Beijing opera master Chu Lu-hao, a renowned Beijing opera actor from Taiwan, best known for his portrayal of the Monkey King role. Chu Lu-hao performed two classic Beijing opera tunes at the festival: “Kong Cheng Ji” (“The Empty City Stratagem” - a traditional Beijing opera piece) and “Tiao Hua Che” (“Overturning the War Chariots” - from “The Complete Story of Yue Fei”). The natural acoustic effects of the tunnel transformed Chu Lu-hao's brilliant singing voice into an even more uniquely beautiful voice. Under the accompaniment of a western string quartet, new exciting sparks resulted from the blend of eastern and western music. Other pieces performed on the same day included: the 1st movement (Allegro) of Mozart's String Quartet k. 421; the 2nd movement (Andante con moto) of Schubert's String Quartet D. 810 “Death and the Maiden”; Beijing opera piece “Ba Wang Bie Ji” (“Farewell My Concubine”); the 2nd movement (Playful Pizzicato) of Britten's Simple Symphony; and the 2nd movement (Lento) of Dvořák's String Quartet in F Major, Op. 96 “American”.
The theme of the second day (December 17) was "The Opera Tunnel". Popular opera star tenor Fernando Wang and Chiang Chi-chen, soprano from the Taipei Philharmonic Opera Studio and Association of Vocal Artists of R.O.C. came together to perform moving duets. Accompanied by the utmost sophistication of a string quartet, they performed the most well-loved classic opera tunes. The string quartet boasted a star-studded lineup of musicians, including locally-renowned cellist Chang Chen-Chieh; Wu Ting-yu, principal violinist of the National Symphony Orchestra; Hsu Chien-tai, violin faculty member at the Department of Music, National Taiwan Normal University Music; and Chang Lee-wen, viola faculty member at the Fu Jen Catholic University Music Department.
The KMNP hopes that the music festival will bring many more peaceful years ahead, and also allow more people to recognize the beauty of Kinmen.
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